Drive: Thursday May 25th, 2017 early evening from Centennial to Summit and Saturday May 27th, 2017 mid morning along the whole byway

Snowy Range Scenic Byway

The core of the Snowy Range Scenic Byway covers 29 miles through the Medicine Bow Mountain Range and National Forest in southeastern Wyoming. From the summit of 10,847 feet you can see all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. On snowy days like we visited on we were lucky to see 100 yards. The lakes that I viewed in photos were still fully frozen. The road across opened during the week so I should be happy were even able to get to the summit.


On Thursday the ground on the summit was clear of snow. There were some pretty big storms to the west and we were getting hungry for dinner so we only went to the summit before heading back in Centennial. It was sure snowy, windy and cold. The range was really living up to its name.


I made a quick dash up the lookout (view = none) but quickly came back as there was a bit of lightning in the fast approaching storm. Most of the pull offs were had yet to be plowed so the summit was our only stop.


We decided (I decided, sorry Bob) that we should do the entire length of the scenic byway on our drive out of the state on Saturday morning. I figured the road were would be as clear as they were a few days before. Big surprise!! Not the way I wanted to start out our 6 hour drive (time without snow). Yes I did go back up the lookout to see the same view of snow 🙂


I was thinking that the summit would be the worst of it. By then we felt committed as it is a long way back to get to I-80.


Boy was I wrong. The snowy roads went on and on. We are still running the factory tires on the van and they are not made for even a bit of snow. Luckily we made it to Sandy, Utah before the camera store closed. My Sony a7ii gave up the ghost a month back and I really wanted to get a replacement before we hit our next stop.

The snowy range is worth another visit. We will come back much later in the summer after the range has time to melt.